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Water Polo Whiteboard

Group 52

Draw Water Polo Plays

Use the water polo whiteboard below to visualize water polo plays, practice drills, or game strategy by moving players and adding steps to create an animated GIF.

How to Use the Water Polo Whiteboard

  • Move the players by clicking and dragging
  • Create an animated GIF by adding steps 
  • Add a title and description, then generate preview and download your GIF

Turn Your Device Sideways

Circle Canvas

Player Positions

Steps will be added here...




Develop Your Playbook

Water Polo WhiteBoard Features

Move Players

Move the ball and players into new positions by clicking and dragging.

Add Multiple Steps

Create animated plays or drills by adding steps to the timeline.

Download and Share

Save your play by downloading it as GIF that you can share with your team.

Learn How to Use the Whiteboard