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Water Polo Practice Drills

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Water Polo Shooting Drills

Set up two lines at the 6m lined up with the goal posts. Pass to the opposite line and shoot off the pass. Add fakes and shot blockers to make the drill more difficult.

Set up two lines at the 2 and 4 positions. Have the two lines drive to the opposite post. The next player in line will pass to the player that was in front of them. That player will then pass to the shooter who should shoot off the pass.

Set up two lines at half tank. Shooter takes off and defender trails behind. Shooter receives pass, swims with the ball, and then takes a wet shot. Start with the defender applying light pressure to better learn how to shoot a wet shot. Focus on wet shots only and scoring under pressure.

Make a line at 6m in the center of the goal. One player on each post. Pass from the line to the post player, pass to the next post, then pass back to the shooter to shoot off the pass. Add field blockers to make the drill more difficult.

Position one player at set and form a line around 10m. Set the ball, drive, and pop out to receive a pass. Shoot off the pass. Focus on good set passes and shooting off the pass. Add defenders to make the drill more difficult.

Water Polo Passing Drills

Get in a group of 3 players. Set up in a straight line. Pass to the player in the middle, who will then spin and pass to the opposite player. This water polo drill focuses on quick, rotating passes.

Pair up or get into small groups. Pass with two hands over your head like a soccer throw-in. Use a weighted ball for added difficulty. Great for leg strength and warming up both shoulders.

Group up 5 players and set up in a circle. Pass in a start pattern. Add a 2nd ball and focus on making accurate, quick passes.

Gif of star passing drill in water polo

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