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Water Polo Game strategy (6-on-6)

Ball starts at the point position. Point passes to weak side driver (4) and then drives through to the right. At the same time, strong side driver (2), starts a drive and then pops out to receive pass from position 4. Player at the 2 position can then shoot off the pass, draw a foul, or pass into set.

A defensive play against a dominant centre where x4 and x5 drop off of and then hit the shooters on the 4-5 side. The centre guard should shotblock cross cage. 

Uploaded by K. Lee of the M-A Bears water polo team

A very complex and defensive play. In this zone, the x3 and 6 are on opposite sides of the centre always shotblocking. The x1 and 5 are pinched in towards the goal to shotblock as well and the x2 and 4 should also shotblock, but if their offender gets too close then they can press. The goal is to force a bad shot and waste time. If even one shotblock is wrong then it can all fall apart. All shooters have at least 2 shotblockers blocking nearside and crosscage as well as the goalie.

Uploaded by K. Lee of the M-A Bears water polo team

Point defender drops back to help cover the set. Driver defenders then split the three players up top, trying to force the ball to the weak side driver.

A defensive play against a dominant centre where x3 drops back and x2 and 4 split. The splitters can fake going to hit and try and get a steal or if they are just late to press they can try to nick the shooters arm or push their hip or abdomen to make them off balance. You should generally stay with the better shooter to force a bad shot or you can bait the pass and counter. This drop is very effective at wasting time and making them shoot bad shots because of a lack of time. Goalie should tell x3 to shotblock or not.

Uploaded by K. Lee of the M-A Bears water polo team

This is a defensive play against a dominant centre. Players drop off people to get the ball to the 5 then foul hard and drop back. For this play to work, the rest of the defenders must press their man and stay in the lanes. The point is to get the ball stuck where he cant shoot and has to pass it, hopefully resulting in a steal. If the x5 is slow, this will not work. the ball will be able to be passed into their centre and he will score.

Uploaded by K. Lee of the M-A Bears water polo team

Water Polo Man-Up strategy (6-on-5)

Pass the ball around perimeter to the 1 position. That player breaks the 2m line and all other player rotate to get into better position. 1 passes across to 6 for a shot off the pass.

Pass ball around perimeter and get the ball to the 4 position (strong side driver). Fake and move goalie to center cage,  then the strong side post pops out to receive a pass from 4.

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